How Should They Fit?
Every user has a different preference for the fit of gloves for grilling. Most are designed for larger hands. Therefore, people with smaller hands might have trouble getting a good fit. BUT…

Grilling gloves are typically made to be large so that they can be flung off in an emergency. You have to sacrifice a little dexterity for safety.

You can feel uncoordinated when your hand is sliding around inside a bulky glove, though. Gloves with thick linings can accommodate smaller hands better.

Knitted gloves may have more elastic that results in a snug fit on smaller hands. Natural materials, like leather, tend to shape themselves to your hand structure better than molded synthetics.

People with large hands may also have trouble finding the perfect fit. Some stretch to fit larger hands. However, a tight glove can be difficult to remove quickly.

Also, consider the length of the wrist cuff when buying a grilling glove. If you’ll be holding your arms over a large grill or hot fire, you might want a glove that comes up to your elbow. Gloves with longer cuffs are also handy when you’re reaching into a ceramic egg, smoker or wood stove.

A wide cuff will allow air to circulate while it protects your arm. A narrow or tight cuff can keep the glove from slipping off, especially if you have small hands and wrists. However, a snug cuff can also make your wrist and hand sweat over a hot grill.

How To Clean Grilling Gloves

Grilling gloves may be exposed to soot from the grill or wood. They can also get greasy if you’re handling food or oil. You’ll probably have to deal with some degree of staining, especially if they’re made of fabric or leather.

Some types of fabric gloves are easy to clean in the washing machine. If you are touching food with them, this may be preferable to you. Keeping gloves that come in contact with food clean is a priority.

If they aren’t handling food, cleaning them thoroughly might not be high on your list of considerations. However, even a good-looking pair of suede gloves can get roughed up fairly quickly from touching charcoal or soot. If they are not be completely cleaned, they may not be as attractive after a few uses.

Light-colored gloves are more susceptible to staining. Even machine-washable ones may retain some noticeable stains if they’re white. If this bothers you, black, brown or gray colors will camouflage stains better.

If you want to spend your time at the grill focusing on cooking instead of avoiding burns, you’ll need decent grilling gloves. Finding the balance between fit, comfort, flexibility and heat resistance is important. We all have different preferences.

I prefer the Oven Mitts for general grilling. They’re comfortable and easy to take on and off, and the cuff is long enough to protect my wrist without limiting my range of movement. My dexterity is just as good with these on as with them off.

Because I like to feel abundant, it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra pairs of leather welding gloves floating around too. They offer great heat resistance and help protect your hands when you’re doing other household chores too.

Happy grilling!

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