Home design has the ability to transform your atmosphere, no matter where you're located. For those looking to add warmth and cozy comfort to the kitchen, add farmhouse decor touches.

With its reclaimed wood open shelving, painted cabinetry, apron-front sinks, rustic touches, and unpretentious design, a farmhouse-style cooking space is always welcoming. Check out classic farmhouse decor ideas that can be used in any kitchen.

Feel free to mix and match these farmhouse kitchen details, keeping in mind that most farmhouse kitchens have homemade elements, authentic details, aged materials, and distressed surfaces. Exposed brick, shiplap, and items with a patina can also add that lived-in, farmhouse-esque feel. Some DIY touches—such as giving bright hardware a bit of a patinaed tarnish or installing a little shiplap as a backsplash—can help establish the look, too, if a full-scale renovation isn’t possible.

Wood cabinetry

Farmhouse kitchens almost exclusively have wood cabinets.

Other cabinet materials, such as laminate, are too modern for the farmhouse style. Wood kitchen cabinets have just the right amount of traditional details, and they can develop an organic patina—or be stained to have one—that helps further the modern farmhouse look and feel. Most modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets are white, but any color can work when paired with the right hardware, countertops, and accessories.

Mix Old With New

The charm of farmhouse decor is found in the perfect marriage of old-world finds and new-school design. This bright white kitchen boasts a squeaky clean look, while the vintage-style industrial stove takes you back in time.

Open shelving or limited upper cabinets

Most farmhouse kitchens have a pared down feel, without too much upper cabinetry. This helps spaces feel light and bright, and installing open shelving offers displays for kitschy décor items (such as cookie jars, heirloom dishware, and more).

Lantern pendant lights

For illumination, farmhouse kitchen lighting is typically a lantern pendant light. These hanging light fixtures offer plenty of light for a cookspace, and their materials can be matched to other hardware in the space for a cohesive look.

Dark hardware

Black matte hardware on cabinets, drawers, and more are the norm for farmhouse kitchens. They pop against kitchen cabinets of all paint colors, though especially against white ones, and have a toned-down look that fits in with the farmhouse theme. Copper and bronze are also popular, though, for a lightly warmer look. Whatever hardware is used, though, for a unified look, find faucets in the same finish.

Farmhouse Wall Decor

This bold farmhouse wall decor is made of a wrapping paper roll.

Just a hint – instead of making it as a page of a waiter’s old server book, you can hand-write the recipe for your favorite cherry pie or cheesecake, for instance.

Vintage Farmhouse Decor

If you are looking for a way to give the functional space a vintage farmhouse look, you can just build 2 panels similar to the barn doors then stained them black and voila!

Tip: You can also hang a sign (or two) like in the picture.

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