• Will wireless charging affect the battery life?

Any charging device will influence the battery life. However, there are many factors that affect battery life, Like how you use it and the chemical age of the battery. Follow these tips to extend battery life: keep half the battery when storing the iPhone for a long time. And, avoid storing or charging an iPhone in high-temperature environments.

  • Why choose wireless charging instead of wired?

Wireless charging is more convenient than wired charging. You can watch videos while charging. Also, Also multiple devices can be charged only with one cable. More importantly, wireless charging can fully charge the device in about 3 hours without annoying indicator flickering at night.

  • Do I need to take off my phone case while charging?

First of all, we suggest you take off your phone case to charge because it will affect the effectiveness of charging. But generally speaking, it would not influence the chargers a lot. However, if your phone is large as the iPhone12 Pro max, you’d better take off the case. And if your phone case is too thick and your phone case contains metal, it will affect the wireless chargers too.

  • Will the phone become seriously hot while charging?

Every wireless charger will generate heat, but the wireless chargers multiple protective techs like overheating protection, over-current protection, and over-voltage protection. All of them can protect your devices. However, the device could become seriously hot if you charge it in the wrong way. 

  • Why can’t I charge the devices sometime?

Please ensure that your device can support the wireless charging function. Then, make sure that you are using it correctly. Or you can change other USB cable to reconnect. In addition, if the phone case is too thick, or it contain any metal material, the charger will not work. Also, if the power is not enough, it will charge slowly or even stop charging.