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    If you have bought JoyGeek products on Amazon, you can submit the order numbers to 12 extended warranty.

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    GEEKHOM Facebook group is a community for GEEKHOM friends and VIP members. In the group, we will share deals (up to 50% off) and we will recruit group members to test our new releases for free. And the product test officer recruitment will only be run in this group.

    So if want to get deals or test our new products, just come to our group.

  • FAQ

    How to become GEEKHOM VIP?

    To become POWER USER, you just need to sign up on GEEKHOM website.

    Can I edit my personal info on profile?

    Due to website restrictions, you cannot edit personal information by yourself. If you want to change the information, please email us: support@geekhom.com, or fill out a new form.

    How can I get the 24 months warranty?

    To get the 24 months warranty, you just need to submit your Amazon order number on your profile page (on joygeek' website.) Then, you can check the end date of warranty.

    How can I get the product or gift card?

    After registering or activating the product, you can contact us and we will help you get gifts.

  • Note:

    1. The information is not editable for users after signup, so please make sure the information you filled is correct.
    2. If you want to edit the information, please send an email to support@geekhom.com

    3. If you have any question about GEEKHOM POWER USER, please feel free to contact us.