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These are exactly what I've been looking for and the price was right. I use a lot of cast iron in my cooking and too often I realized my oven mitt was moist a little too late leading to unsafe quick movements in the kitchen.

Phil S. Stein

I've not heat tested these extensively but I have handled pans taken out of a 500+ degree oven/grill and only mildly felt the heat during moderate holding times. It's great, I like it very much

Tobey D. Beagle

The spatulas are fairly well constructed and the spatula blades, though flexible silicon are sturdy enough to support whatever you're flipping or stirring. The stubby spatula is wider than anything I've ever owned.

Damon J. Gray

These silicon spatulas are fantastic - perfect in every way! They are heat resistant - no melting spatulas and then peeling and breaking off into your food. They are sturdy and easy to clean (dishwasher safe). Just don't allow the handles to rest on the hot surface, as the handles are not heat resistant.

Patrick Fee

This cheesecake baking pan set is an essential set for anyone who makes cheesecake! I love the non-stick coating and finish of the pans. The pans are high caliber springform pans. I also love the extra accessories the set comes with. I made flawless cheesecakes using this set. Thank you!

Melissa Ann Meade


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